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I am concerned with the progress of this war. A Washington Post article is reporting on deep divisions within the Republican party over frustrations with how the war has been handled. Already there is a behind-the-scenes effort by former senior Republican government officials and party leaders to convince President Bush that the advice he has [...]


I wish I had more free time. Between chores like laundry and vacuuming, helping friends with stuff, recreational programming, work, video games, friends, etc. I have no time to just lie around like a bum and do nothing. This is day 3 of no Zelda playing. It’s horrible! Hopefully I can finish this program I’m [...]

Reading Day Trip

My parents, sister and I headed to Reading for a day trip today. The plan was to be outside in Valley Forge or something but it began to rain during the drive so my dad decided to hit the outlet stores. I got myself leather gloves for $10, and since it was buy-one-get-one-free my dad [...]


The haiku section of the site is done I think. If more features are suggested to me I will certainly consider them. My parents were talking about escaping from Vietnam at dinner today. I doubt I’ll ever be able to fully appreciate those circumstances. My dad said he escaped North Vietnam in 1954 and my [...]


I added a haiku repository. Please read and submit your own! It’s ugly now, but once all the backend is complete (I think I’ll add a ratings system) it’ll be cleaned up to look like everything else.


I mirrored my TA web site for CS416 at I figured I should save it for posterity since I don’t know when my remus account will be deleted. Great memories. Sounds crazy, but being a TA was awesome. I took a poll once of what the students thought of me and my approval rating [...]


I’m officially working for Ed now on support stuff. I guess that means Area Supervisor Capabilities. Should be cool I guess, though I won’t lie and say I’d rather work for Ken. I’m still unsure that this Java and GUI stuff will offer significant challenge. Or if it does, if I’ll get a piece of [...]


Just got back from Jon’s house. Studying went well, I think, and Catherine should do fine on the exam. It was nice to see her and Jon again. We did a good job of sticking strictly to business, with the hanging out only occurring at the end. Some reminiscing of good ‘ol Cirig. He was [...]


Before I headed to the dealer I wanted to make sure the noise was occuring loud and clear so there’d be no mistake it was there. Well, unsurprisingly given my luck, I was unable to get the noise to the intensity it’s usually at, even after half an hour of driving. It was quiet enough [...]


Yesterday when I got some maintenance done on my car at the dealership they claimed they still couldn’t hear any noise from the brakes. I have to take them driving with me today. It’s impossible for them not to hear it, especially after a few minutes of driving. They’ll probably give me grief over it, [...]


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