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The haiku section of the site is done I think. If more features are suggested to me I will certainly consider them.

My parents were talking about escaping from Vietnam at dinner today. I doubt I’ll ever be able to fully appreciate those circumstances. My dad said he escaped North Vietnam in 1954 and my mom said she moved from Hue to Saigon in 1968. Apparently there was no system for choosing who got to go to the United States. You made a run for the ships and hoped for the best. And if you had fled the North the Viet Cong wanted to know why you had left. For many reasons, it was best to leave for America. This war talk gives you a better understanding of why so many Iraqis are suspicious of the U.S. in Gulf War II, though. America abandoned South Vietnam despite a promise to defend it, and we once abandoned Iraqi Shi’ites after the first Gulf War. War’s a messy business, but I can’t help but be thankful the horrible Vietnam War was fought. Without it, my parents wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t exist at all.

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