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Reading Day Trip

My parents, sister and I headed to Reading for a day trip today. The plan was to be outside in Valley Forge or something but it began to rain during the drive so my dad decided to hit the outlet stores. I got myself leather gloves for $10, and since it was buy-one-get-one-free my dad got a pair as well. Afterward we had dinner in Philly. It’s amazing how many non-Vietnamese (yes, I mean white) people are eating at Vietnamese restaurants now. You kinda expect it in places like Philly or D.C. or New York, but even in Atlantic City you see it. What’s crazier is that they really know what to order and how to eat things like pho properly (as in the things that should go in it). I try to do my part to spread the love.

Anyway, this is the second day I’ve gone without playing Zelda. Definitely playing tomorrow (well, today, after I get up). Also, 76 poems in the haiku section. Not too bad. What IS too bad is my system to keep people from voting on a haiku twice doesn’t seem to work properly. The cookie is set for a year but it seems to disappear within a day. Less, even (I voted before our trip; when I got back I could vote again). I don’t care so much about people voting multiple times, but what it’s really useful for is keeping track of what you did and didn’t already rate. I’m seeking assistance so hopefully a solution will present itself soon.

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