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All-hands meeting tomorrow at 9! I think we all know what that means. I’m cleaning out my office as I write this.


You can direct link to poems now. Like this:

Preparing for joblessness

Not surprisingly, I haven’t done the things I said I’d do for the haiku site. Yesterday (the 28th) I spent the entire day working on my resume and a cover letter. At home Dad was doing stuff with a new hard drive so I had no internet access. Then at work today I did more [...]

It’s the 1 month anniversary of The Duc Pond’s Haiku Repository. In 31 days we’ve amassed 218 poems. That’s more than 7 a day! Thanks for your participation! It would be worthless without it. Please keep on submitting and voting. Things have been slowing down lately, probably because people have already forgotten about the site. [...]


Yesterday was pretty crazy. My sister decided to take her placement tests on Saturday since I was going up anyway and the next test date would’ve been the day after her prom. So I dropped her off in front of Scott Hall at 9, drove around to run some errands, then met up with her [...]


I’m getting kinda depressed over this. Don’t feel like sleeping. And I haven’t even been laid off yet! I know I’m overreacting. I don’t have a mortgage. Or car payments. Or kids! And I didn’t start just a few months ago! But what I do have is a job I enjoy, especially lately. It’s so [...]


I’m getting really, really worried about this layoff. The fact that I won’t be getting money kinda sucks, but it’s not too big a deal since I have money saved (but not as much as I wanted). What really concerns me is the lack of health insurance. I’ve been so stupid. I should have been [...]


On top of the highly likely layoff coming, I’ve now busied myself for the next 3 weekends. I can’t win in anything.


Well, that sucked. Ron Randel, our big boss on the project, just held a meeting and told us basically that the best case for the future will be a staff reduction. Worst case (and what he implies to be pretty likely) is total project termination. The near-impossible case, where the project continues with its current [...]

Sick Day

I called out sick for the first time today. Well, technically this is the second sick day I’ve used, but the first time was for when I was stuck at Rutgers during the mega blizzard. I was actually sick and feeling crappy today. I slept until about 12, then watched Fight Club, then played Halo, [...]


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