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When I filled up yesterday I found I had gotten 35 mpg on the last 150 or so miles I had driven. That’s fricken’ amazing. But it was a small amount of fuel so it may have been inaccurate. Anyway, I went up to New Brunswick for a couple hours of hauling furniture and boxes [...]


I want this job for the security clearance alone. I need a Secret for this one. According to some sites I’ve read, it goes: Confidential, Secret, Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmentalized Information. I’m told Top Secret is also separated into layers or something. So I won’t be that high up, but it still sounds cool. Plus, [...]


Wow. Ron Randel himself just called me to tell me the SPY group has decided to make me an offer. Should take a few days to get the paperwork through. That’s perfect! A guaranteed job AND time to talk to other people. That was fricken’ fast. Dave wasn’t kidding when he said CSC tries hard [...]

Hopefully, I’ll get a job

I think our interviews went well today. They had managers from 5 groups within the AEGIS project there in a conference room and basically we went around talking to each of them. Didn’t get as much face time as we normally might, but since 6 of us were up there I suppose this made sense. [...]

We’re done

Today (Tuesday; I need to start posting earlier) we got word that the stop work order came in last week while I was away. I found out a few people got reassigned, which meant the rest of us were getting fired. BUT Val had left me a voice mail message saying that I had an [...]


According to my records (everyone should use Ownersite to track their car expenses) I’ve driven 2000 miles in the past month. That’s insane. And I have absolutely no idea how I drove that much. I know one week I drove 700 miles (see below) but that still leaves a lot unaccounted for. I should start [...]


Well, this is the end of my 5-day weekend. Sure went by fast. So Thursday was graduation. I had come up Wednesday night, hung out with Melissa, Vu, Matt, Gina, Paulina, Wai, Paulo, and Richard briefly, went to Catherine’s, went back to Vu and Matt’s place, and finally went to bed at like 4 at [...]

Introducing: DucLink

A new section has been added to the site! Check out DucLink now.

Rutgers Class of 2003

Just got back from a very long day. Graduation, while rainy, was very nice and made me all warm and fuzzy inside. I’m too damn tired to recount the day’s events right now, but I will say that I’m extremely proud of all the graduates and that I felt total true happiness for them during [...]

Goodbye, shirt

I wrote a haiku about my horrifying loss. It can be found here. A response to my plea for a new shirt can be found here.


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