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This will make sense on the archived version of this post, but will look very strange on the front page: If you are looking for the transcript of the mirror rant from 25th Hour please scroll to the bottom!


Finally, Aegis training is over. The instructor was terrible. Wednesday on the Expressway a car was on fire, specifically in the engine compartment. As I approached I saw a huge plume of smoke and within half a mile I could finally see where it was coming from. I’ve never seen a car on fire before. [...]

Productive Weekend

I’m typing this from inside Ron’s car. We’re stuck on the Turnpike, the victim of an accident. But it just cleared up! I thought this weekend was very productive. Saturday I watched an episode of MacGyver (yes, that’s productive), gave Ben a ride home from Galloway Auto, had a nice talk with him where we [...]

Got it

So I have my new laptop, a Compaq Presario 2135us. I’m using it to type this entry. Cheapness won the day as I chose a 1.8 Ghz Celeron over a real Pentium 4 or M. 256 MB of RAM, 30 GB hard drive, CDRW/DVD combo drive, all for $620 after rebates and rewards. I think [...]

Wedding + Laptop

The wedding reception was cool. I liked almost everything in the excellent 12 course meal, which included stir-fry lobster, shrimp ball on crab claw, sliced steak with satay sauce, and other stuff. Mostly seafood. Lots of Vietnamese/white person couples, and not just white guys either. You don’t see a lot of Asian guys with white [...]

Need… Laptop…

Missed the friggin’ boat again. If I had known this Dell Small Business 15% off coupon expired at 1 AM EST I would’ve ordered my damn laptop. Now there’s no telling when the next great deal will come along. On the bright side I know what I’m looking for (and I know it’s doable): P4 [...]

Disrespecting Nature

I’m a horrible person. Driving home today on 541 near the lake in Medford, I encountered a family of geese. Two older geese were crossing the street so I stopped. Smaller geese had not yet crossed. They waited. Rather than sit and wait for them, I took the opportunity to drive through. 1.) I forced [...]


The Office Space Syndrome This article on slacking off at work is great: Shirk Ethic: How to Fake a Hard Day at the Office It’s also cool that there’s software out there for controlling your PC through PDAs and stuff.

At least we’re all working

Joe called during lunch. He told about his new tech support job with CSC. He’s not too happy with the pay, but at least he’s got a job during which he can look for new work. Again, I have to give CSC its due credit. They pretty much placed everyone. I was told there’d be [...]

We’ve gone nowhere

According to this week’s Time Magazine, the Model T got 25 miles per gallon. The average Ford car today gets 23 mpg. Progress! And speaking of driving, commuting an hour sucks. SUCKS. I didn’t get home ’till after 7 today thanks to Mike and his chatter with the tech support guy.


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