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Atlantic City

Saturday I went with Melissa and Catherine to see Lights of Freedom near the Taj in Atlantic City. It wasn’t as cool as I thought it’d be. Just a spread of multicolored beams of light moving slowly and some rather weak fireworks. But Sunday’s paper had a photo on the front page that seemed a [...]

Still Afraid

As I’ve done many times in what has been nearly two years, I started thinking about my friends and my family and myself dying. It, as always, induced indescribable feelings of terror and despair so I can’t sleep. This has been going on and off since I was like 8. Eternal unconsciousness is terrifying to [...]

The new guy

Just as I was starting to understand stuff at work and to enjoy my job somewhat, the need for my current assignment to be done by the end of next week has me stressing again. They sure don’t try very hard to get new people acquainted with the system before having them dive in. I [...]

Catherine’s Birthday

With Tony’s invaluable help, I’m beginning to understand what the hell is going on at work. This has done a lot to improve my feelings about this new job. Hopefully tomorrow’s meeting with the Lockheed guy will go well! Yesterday was Catherine’s birthday party. Cheung, Sean, Joe Petusky, Matt, Brian, Suzanne, Jon and I were [...]

Barnegat Light

My brother’s home, so yesterday we went for a quick trip to Barnegat Light to walk around. They put huge rocks there that you can walk on, but with crevices bg enough to fall into. It’s pretty cool. Quite relaxing to just lie out there on a rock, watching the boats go by. Off to [...]


Thank God it’s the weekend. I’ve been given a software module to design, but I don’t really know what I’m doing. One of the experienced people there (Tony) has been a huge help, but ultimately I’m still very much in the dark. I’m afraid I’ll look like an incompetent fool and never get good work [...]

Uncles in town 2

We didn’t go to D.C. today. My uncle didn’t feel like spending that much time in the car. I’m kinda glad, because I didn’t want to spend that much time in the car either, especially if we weren’t going to be inside the museums and stuff. And last night I lost $11 at the Borgata. [...]

Uncles in town

2 uncles (from Canada and France) and a great uncle (from San Francisco) are here. Saturday we just chilled at home since they didn’t get here until the evening. On Sunday we visited the Statue of Liberty, drove around NYC for a while, and ate at the Wonton Garden. Driving in the city was obviously [...]


I was in Wawa and got my usual 16 oz. coffee, which is normally 94 cents, which with NJ sales tax comes to exactly a dollar, but this time was $1.05 after tax! The cashier said they raised the prices. I don’t know if it was just this one (near Hammonton) or if all of [...]

LG VX4400

New cell phone number! Contact me to get it! Do it! Do it now! I love my new phone. Seems well-built and easy to use. And with bitpim and this data cable I can tell Verizon and their “Get It Now” wallpapers and ringtones to go to hell. All I managed last night was to [...]


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