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Big Catch-up Post

There’s a lot to catch up on. Wednesday: Lisa told me my pre-review (my stuff is being pre-reviewed before it gets reviewed for real) was going to be Tuesday instead of Thursday, so I decided to join Cat, Justin, Reinert, and Rowan and go golfing. Mind you I’ve only been to the driving range 3 [...]


I have to wake up in about 5 hours to help my sister move into her dorm at Rutgers. They grow up so fast!


One of my coworkers (Chris) sent out an email the other day regarding pizza for one of our learning meetings. The email signature had a link to his website. His photojournal records him doing almost everything. When he goes to the supermarket, he takes a picture. Walking to place, takes a picture. Goes to lunch [...]


So…… I’m supposed to have my review package done by noon today. It’s not gonna happen. I hope I don’t get fired.


So I trimmed my hair by myself tonight (Tuesday night). In about 7 hours I will see if my coworkers react with horror. I think I did OK. And does it really matter? I spike it after all.

NYC Adventure

So last night at around 10 or so, Ben calls and asks if I can ride up with him to New York City and then drive his car back to Galloway. Why? He’s starting law school at Fordham. He had 3 people lined up to do this for him, but amazingly things didn’t work out [...]


So yesterday morning I tried McDonald’s new McGriddle. I had the bacon, egg and cheese variety (without the cheese of course). It was awesome. I didn’t know until I had the thing in my hand that the “buns” were actually pancakes! No wonder they bake maple syrup in there. It made so much more sense [...]

Ethan Smith Emmick has been born! He’s a very cute baby. Finally the rightful owner of Zelda: Wind Waker has come. Best of luck to the family, and a happy long life to Ethan! The new family


I’m looking for as many articles and as much information that I can get on the shifting of technology (and other white-collar) jobs overseas. I would appreciate any help in locating these resources. I’m working on a little page to help inform others of what’s happening on this subject, differing views on the impact of [...]


I’m sick of reading articles like this: – U.S. tech workers training their replacements – Aug. 11, 2003 I’ve read over a dozen of them in the past year. Programming and other technical jobs are being sent overseas and American professionals are getting screwed. We’re like factory workers in the ’80s. With apologies to [...]


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