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So yesterday morning I tried McDonald’s new McGriddle. I had the bacon, egg and cheese variety (without the cheese of course).

It was awesome.

I didn’t know until I had the thing in my hand that the “buns” were actually pancakes! No wonder they bake maple syrup in there. It made so much more sense once I found out. So yeah, it was 2 pancake “buns” containing a few slices of bacon and a slab of folded over egg. It’s that mass produced kind of egg, and the bacon wasn’t crispy enough, but the sandwich still rocked.

Like Jon said, it’s like a breakfast fat sandwich (for those who know about that Rutgers New Brunswick delicacy). Everything came together perfectly. Like the tagline says, it really IS a breakfast platter WITHOUT THE FUCKING PLATTER! Amazing.

Check out this guy’s McGriddle adventure:

P.S. It’s a little heavy… OK, a LOT heavy, but worth it. You should only eat one like once a month or so, though. They’re not so good for you.

P.P.S. Eat one. Eat one for America.

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