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So last night at around 10 or so, Ben calls and asks if I can ride up with him to New York City and then drive his car back to Galloway. Why? He’s starting law school at Fordham. He had 3 people lined up to do this for him, but amazingly things didn’t work out with all 3 of them. Sounded like a neat trip and a good opportunity to help a friend, so I agreed.

His car lacked a left side view mirror and leaked oil, so we had to get a new mirror thingy and some motor oil. Ben cut his hand while trying to put the mirror on. This turned out to be the worst disaster of the trip, which was good. We finally got on the Parkway at like 10 AM, had an uneventful drive, I looked at pictures from his road trip to drop off Jed in California, talked about Europe and how much fatter Americans are, etc.

Got in the city, moved his junk in, saw that he had a pretty nice place. It’s like a Rutgers apartment except with 3 singles, and nicer. His building (McMahon) was near 61st or 62nd. Then we walked around the city, going almost 20 blocks the wrong way, then finally returning to head the right way towards Times Square. I went inside Toys R Us to check out the Ferris wheel and junk. Got to play F-Zero, which rocked. Super fast, amazing graphics, and extremely smooth animation. We stopped in Popeye’s so I could grab some food and it started pouring outside for at least 10 minutes. Glad that we had avoided the downpour, we started to head home. But we HADN’T escaped the rain as we had thought! It came down again and we ran back to the apartment. After drying off, it was time for me to leave.

I was scared Ben’s 1988 Chevy Celebrity would die on me, but I got home just fine. The oil light came on so I stopped at a rest area and poured some oil in using a funnel I fashioned from a brochure of writing classes (I had gotten it for Mike). And I somehow ended up going Parkway North when I got off the Turnpike. Otherwise, nothing happened.

So it was cool. I’ll be back to visit Ben and to torment him.

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