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Plea For Help

I posted this in a few newsgroups. Please contact me if you can help: My router is a Linksys BEFW11S4. I’m trying to get a WUSB11 Wireless USB Network Adapter on a Windows 2000 machine to talk to the network. I tested it with my Windows XP laptop and it connected without a hitch. I’m [...]

Wireless Network Update

I finally replaced my Asant? AeroLAN AL1511 wireless PC card with a Linksys WPC11. The damned Asante card wouldn’t connect to the network if I enabled WEP. It also would cut the connection periodically when I was upstairs in my house. In short, it sucked. The new Linksys one was more expensive at $40, but [...]

Hardy Party Part 1

It’s 5:30 AM. Hardy’s birthday party was tonight. I drove all the way home from Mount Laurel. I am tired. There was this cool guy there (I think his name was Jeff) that got me all riled up about not having to take crap from others. He made a bunch of inaccurate assumptions, but I [...]

Screwed at work again

I just started coding last Friday and I thought I had at least a couple weeks to finish. But I don’t! Apparently I was supposed to have been done already. I feel like a moron. Plus my review was just a week ago. A little more time would be good.

RU Trip

Since Monday was my dad’s birthday, my parents and I went to Rutgers on Sunday so the family could have dinner together (but not before getting an awesome picture of a mushroom; see below). We went to a place in South Plainfield called Pho 99. I wasn’t all that impressed with the food, plus the [...]

I want a digital camera NOW…

I still can’t choose between the Casio Exilim EX-Z3 and the Canon PowerShot S400 (see below). I can have the Casio for $334.10 and the Canon for $424.10. The S400 is obviously better, but is it $90 better? IS IT?!?!?!?!?!?!


There are several large mushrooms in my back yard. I’m not sure how they got there, since I didn’t think it rained all that much last week, but they’re pretty cool. The largest was over 5 inches in diameter. It’s pretty cool looking. Check it out! This is one of my first tries with my [...]


Saw Underworld with Cat and Jon yesterday. I was surprised at how entertaining it was. Catherine wanted to see it because Scott Speedman was a co-star, but even she ended up liking the action and the surprisingly interesting storyline. The movie left itself wide open for a sequel. Today I visited Melissa briefly and went [...]

Hurricane, Shmurricane

Since McGreevy ordered a state of emergency at 4:00 today, some of us at work decided to leave early. It’s OK because I worked an extra 3 hours last week. Hurricane Isabel isn’t affecting us much at all, though. Barely any rain in Mt. Laurel. Pretty windy, though. Doesn’t look like much rain near the [...]


I didn’t start my car AT ALL this weekend, so I didn’t put on any extra miles. Woo! But this morning I did finally surpass 70,000 miles. That’s 14,300 miles since I got the car 9 months ago. Since I spend so much time in the car I’ve decided to stock up on some extra [...]


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