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I don’t know what I want to do. I usually do, though.

I’m done with Outlook Express. Thunderbird is so much better. I’m also trying to phase out Internet Explorer from my life too, in favor of Firebird. Right now, though, it turns out that a lot of my site doesn’t show up properly in Firebird. I must be violating some W3C standards, so I’ll be working [...]

Buzzed Duc

I’m writing this from the back of a car. I’m on my way to Washington, D.C. with my parents. We’re going down and up in a single day. It’ll be rough, especially since I got zero hours of sleep last night due to Jeremy’s Halloween party. So speaking of Halloween, I decided to dress up [...]

Snow in October

As Cat and I were headed out to lunch it began snowing! Very, very, very lightly mind you, but they were clearly snowflakes. This lasted for at most 30 seconds. It’s a pretty cold day today.

Indiana Jones! TODAY!

The Indiana Jones DVD box set comes out today. It’s $35 at Eckerd (yes, the drugstore) and I’m sure other deals abound. Now I understand that some of you are under a tight budget or you’re waiting for a holiday to receive this as a gift. But if you don’t at least WANT to buy [...]

Who Are You?

Nintendo said that they would make a big push with their “Who are you?” campaign, designed to increase recognition of the Nintendo brand. I don’t really see how this will be successful, but some of the ads are pretty cool. I found a billboard with one of the ads while driving home tonight. It was [...]

Comments back up

The new commenting system is in. I still need to tweak it so it’s more visually appealing, but that can be done later.

Reloaded Weekend

I had watched The Matrix: Reloaded with my dad on Friday before I left, but Melissa and I watched it again when I came up. There’s plenty to analyze. A lot of people don’t like this movie, but for me it gets better with each viewing. Once you know about the 6 matrices and all [...]

On my way to the Parkway North entrance on Moss Mill Road I found acres of woodland destruction. Several months ago development started near the intersection of Moss Mill and Pitney Rd., but only on the right side of Pitney (if you’re driving towards Port Republic). Now the left side is being destroyed too. I [...]

RU Trip

I’m leaving now for Rutgers. I hope I don’t die!


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