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The new iTunes for Windows is pretty cool. I like how effortless it is to filter by genre, artist or album. But the real story is of course the highly anticipated iTunes Music Store. It was a huge success on Mac, so it should do well on Windows too. 99 cents apiece is a price [...]

Blog Commenting

I’m taking the commenting down until I can replace it with something hosted on my own server. I have several candidates. Hardly anyone ever comments anyway, so it being gone will be more helpful than disruptive. Relying on an outside host is slowing the loading of this page. My thanks to the Klinks for their [...]

Blogger sucks

Blogger fucking sucks. I’m trying to publish a new entry to the Freevo blog, but it just won’t publish! I’ve gotta stop being lazy and get MovableType installed. Blogger is way too unreliable.

In about 8 hours I’ll be going to the viewing for Catherine and Brian’s grandfather. I hope the family is doing OK.

Oil Change

I’m at Shore Toyota getting my oil changed. I’m like 700 miles overdue. Manual says 7500 miles between oil changes and I was thinking 5000 was good since the car’s getting older. I waited 8200 miles. Anyway, I love my laptop and my cell phone/cell phone plan. Rockage.

Nerd Night

I’m pretty sure I could’ve died today on my way home. I was so amazingly tired. Definitely should have gotten some coffee before I left. Now it’s almost 2 AM and my tiredness is gone. Work really drags on you, let me tell ya. And a lot of people were missing from work, leaving few [...]

Hacking blows

Measure, apparently pissed off by the way Justin has been treating him, broke into Plinkomedia’s forum database and damaged it enough to force the closure of the forum. I have no work on when it’ll be back. He sounds pretty bitter and childish: THIS IS A MESSAGE FROM CODY THE MOTHER FUCKIN’ MAKER. I’ve hacked [...]

I suck

I’m the greatest programmer in the world! That’s what I’d be saying if I had my code done Friday like I was supposed to. Or if I had designed something magnificently elegant even within the confines of the not-really-OO template we were forced to use. I don’t blame myself, though. If you ever doubted the [...]

Weekend Recap

So Friday night I went up to Rutgers to see Melissa. Didn’t do much really. Next morning we had brunch at IHOP. Here’s a picture of Melissa being none too pleased that I’m taking a picture while we’re eating: Got home Saturday, didn’t do much that evening, and then at around 11:00 PM I decided [...]

What now, mushroom?

The mushroom from my September 20 entry isn’t looking too hot these days: This is how it looked earlier:


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