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Random Haiku Improved

The random haiku picker is more random now! Click here to try it!

Thank you Phenominet!

Phenominet is the best host ever. 2 hours after I emailed them they restored the haiku index page. It’s back!

Colonial Williamsburg

I have to say I’m a bit disappointed with Colonial Williamsburg. The commercials on TV make it look like a living city with all kinds of people outside in period costumes doing 18th century things. Fife and drum corps marching around, lots of carriages and horses, kids playing, women churning butter, etc. Maybe it’s because [...]

Haiku main page down

Yesterday I destroyed the index page for the haiku section. I need to exercise more caution when using an unstable internet connection, like when using a cell phone to get online. Soooo… the one on my hard drive AND the one on the server are F-ed. I need to contact my host to see if [...]

Random Haiku

You can view a random haiku by going to The results aren’t all that random right now, but I’ll continue to work on it. A link to the randomizer is on the haiku page too. Enjoy!

Alpharetta & Atlanta

I’m spending most of my time just chilling at my aunt’s house. Me and my aunt outside her house Yesterday we went to the Westin Hotel in Atlanta, supposedly the tallest hotel in the Western Hemisphere. At the top is a rotating restaurant and bar. It’s pretty cool. You get a good view from up [...]


Landed at around 11 PM last night. The landing was pretty quick and uneventful. I ran into my parents and my aunt pretty quickly afterwards. Then we waited for half an hour for the luggage to come and we went home! We didn’t do much of anything today. I slept a lot, ate, and then [...]

From the plane

(Note: I typed this up on the plane, but didn’t actually upload it until 1:51 PM Wednesday) We didn’t take off until around 8:40 PM. The pilot said the weather in Atlanta was fine, so he didn’t really know why we were being delayed. Had my Fight Club moment by reading the emergency card So [...]


I’m at the airport. Lots of time to kill. I expected all these delays and stuff. The security check took 2 minutes 30 seconds, and that’s because 2 minutes was spent examining my laptop. Nobody told me I should’ve taken it out of the bag and put it through separately. No biggie, though. Good tip [...]

Just in case…

If I die, I want everyone to know I love them! Off to the airport…


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