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Benjamin Franklin rocks

I have a long day tomorrow, and should be sleeping, but I can’t stop reading this book! Check it out.

…but it’s still nice to receive. I haven’t done gift exchange with Mike yet, but I’ve got a nice haul already: Amy, Brian, Catherine, Jon, Melissa and my sister have all been quite generous. The laptop RAM has already made my computer much faster, I can’t wait to get that amplifier installed, I’ve been wanting [...]

Merry Christmas!

Yay! I did a lot of last-minute shopping in both Moorestown and Mays Landing and it was pretty hectic. I barely made it. Towards the end of my shopping I walked into Borders to look for a DVD box set. I noticed a sign said they were closing at 7. After buying what I wanted [...]

My 2-year wait is over…

Still suffering from the worst of my death paranoia, I walked out of Fellowship of the Ring worried about whether or not I’d live the two years it would take for Two Towers and Return of the King to come out. Well, it looks like I made it. I should note that I’m happy I [...]

More bad news…

It’s been a long time since I heard anything positive about American programming jobs. Forester analyst John McCarthy says jobs that are most at risk require fewer skills, are automated or are highly portable. Those include computer programming and software engineer jobs, that have long been leaving the country. By 2015, 26 percent of those [...]

Laptop Linux

I’m installing Linux on my beloved laptop tonight. I’m excited. It should run insanely fast, which is good because XP often gets bogged down when I have a few programs running at the same time. Getting Slackware and Dropline to work are my top priorities tonight. My laptop will rock.

Don’t be a CS major

The scarcity of the American programmer is increasing with IBM’s move of 4,700 tech jobs to Asia. As is often the case, insult is added to injury: Often, the American workers being replaced are called upon to train their overseas replacements. The same will be expected of IBM employees whose jobs are being transferred, according [...]

This was posted at Plinko. …this is awesome news. We captured Saddam Hussein, and it only cost 3000 Iraqi civilian lives, and 500 American lives. I hope we can quickly take him to trial and use all of the WMDs we’ve found as evidence against him. And in response… And don’t forget he can’t send [...]

Stupid Amazon Review

I’m not sure why, but I was reading customer reviews of the Daredevil DVD and came across this injustice to English: Deer Senator McCain, It, December 10, 2003 Reviewer: etroves (see more about me) from Trovesville Aflac is blind, like in reel life, he cabnt sea his iminant divorce, what a daredevil. Aflac is not [...]


On my way home from work today (it’s a 40 mile drive, remember) I hit the 20,000th mile since I’ve owned the car. I bought the car on December 11, 2002, so it took EXACTLY 365 days for my odometer to reach 75,727 miles (if you can’t perform simple math, I bought the car with [...]


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