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My 2-year wait is over…

Still suffering from the worst of my death paranoia, I walked out of Fellowship of the Ring worried about whether or not I’d live the two years it would take for Two Towers and Return of the King to come out. Well, it looks like I made it. I should note that I’m happy I managed to see it with Catherine and Jon first all 3 times (at least I think I did).

So Return of the King was great. It was probably my least favorite of the 3, but still excellent. It’s amazing how grand and epic everything is. The movie was long as expected, and there were a few times where the audience thought the movie had ended but still continued. One very corpulent couple got fed up with it and sidled down the aisle to get out of the theatre. On their way out the woman in the pair said loudly something to the effect of, “You all don’t have lives.” Right!

Anyway, I’ll be seeing it at least once more. This time from a more optimal location than the left side of the theatre, second row from the screen!

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