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Merry Christmas!


I did a lot of last-minute shopping in both Moorestown and Mays Landing and it was pretty hectic. I barely made it. Towards the end of my shopping I walked into Borders to look for a DVD box set. I noticed a sign said they were closing at 7. After buying what I wanted I left with the intention of going to Best Buy or the mall for another gift. At 6:15 I realized that everything was closed! I got back to Borders at 6:30 and frantically searched for a suitable gift for the last person on my list. I found what I think should be the perfect present.

Anyway, before that was the office holiday party, which was actually pretty enjoyable. We had to pay $10 for it, which sucks, but the food was good and the company (and by that I mean the people present, not CSC) was great. There were like 5 Asian kids there. It was weird. Amy brought her brother along. He was quiet. I mean, he pretty much said nothing. Very quiet. Catherine brought Jon. That was cool.

OK, so now that pre-shopping is covered, post-shopping I frantically wrapped all remaining gifts and headed over to the Leichtnam house. When I came in they had just begun watching Jon and Catherine’s skydiving videos (which, I should note, are awesome; I want to sky dive some day). After that Brian and I exchange gifts. We just told each other what we wanted, so there was no surprise. I now have another 256 MB of RAM for my laptop, bringing it to 512 MB. Then Catherine, Jon and I exchanged gifts. Just like last year (when I got the Xbox), they blew me away with a total surprise. I got a Kenwood KAC-8401 4-channel amplifier for my car! I talked about getting an amp many months ago, before I got laid off. Once I lost my job I didn’t really think about it much. I’m very flattered they remembered. My gifts to them were lame in comparison. I’ll make it up somehow.

So yeah, it’s 2 AM Christmas morning and I’ve already got 2 awesome gifts. The day has been pretty damn good.

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