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Dean Wins Democratic Nomination

OK, not quite, but Gore’s endorsement of Howard Dean is no small deal. ABC News says that over the past several months Gore has been moving ideologically closer to Dean, but I think the biggest factor in his and the unions’ endorsements is simply the fact that he is the front-runner. The party needs to [...]


Brian, Jon and I saw Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition today. I never caught it on DVD, so I figured I should take this opportunity to see it in theatres. It was 3 and a half hours, but still as awesome as it was in 2001. Next week: Two Towers Extended Edition. I ended [...]

Snow Day!

Yesterday there was more snow than I had expected, so I skipped work. Also, my sore throat had gotten pretty bad, so I really didn’t feel up to it anyway. I also needed to use more sick days. Now it’s snowing even more. My sore throat’s gone, though! Yay for 11 hours of sleep and [...]

Mario Kart Online

So I tried Warp Pipe with Mario Kart last night with chrunck (of Nintendorks/Plinkomedia). I have no idea where he lives, but I think it’s on the Eastern half of the U.S. It was ultra choppy. Each second of the race equated to over 5 seconds in real life. It was THAT slow. Warp Pipe [...]

Bye Bye Eden

My Rutgers Eden account is finally gone. I’m guessing it was closed when my student ID expired in November. It was nice to have all that free server space, but all good things must come to an end. I can still get into my cereal account, though.


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