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Getting back from class on Tuesday was a nightmare. During the class break we noticed it was snowing, but we decided to stay until the end of class anyway. Well, we should have left much earlier. Walking back to Jeremy’s car sucked. Jeremy then spent over 10 minutes working hard to scrape off the stubborn [...]

Wells Fargo rocks

The lock is in. A little negotiation got me 4.625% on a 5/1 ARM. I’m doing an 80/15/5 piggyback loan (that means 5% down, 80% first mortgage, 15% second mortgage which is a home equity line of credit [HELOC]) and the rate on the second mortgage is 5.375% because I’ll be doing automatic deductions from [...]

My commuting days are numbered!

So the sellers have found a place to live and want to move up settlement to February 27! Today I will be negotiating with the Wells Fargo guy for the best possible rate. I want to get my mortgage needs squared away ASAP. I’ve been so distracted lately. It’s very hard to concentrate on homework [...]

Happy New Year (Tt)!

Happy new year of the monkey! We Vietnamese like to celebrate a lot today, but unfortunately I have class. At least I can relax on Friday and the weekend.


My life’s great right now, but pretty damn busy. There’s work, 2 graduate classes at Villanova, buying a condominium, and a new girl in my life. And at the moment I’m still commuting. There isn’t much time for relaxing and homework and stuff. Nor is there much time for keeping up on political developments. Kerry’s [...]

My first piece of furniture

I’m told the condo sellers will let me have their entertainment center for $75. Woo hoo! Now for a nice TV to fill it…

State of the Union

“Key provisions of the Patriot Act are set to expire next year…” *applause from Democrats* It was funny.

Condo Privacy Protection!

I got rid of the link to the pictures because you’re not supposed to photograph the condos without owner permission. But just ask and I’ll show! Plus, since it’s not guaranteed to be mine, I might just be showing it off for nothing.

Condo Buying!

I picked the condo I want. The listing is here. I put an offer in and the sellers accepted it, but that doesn’t mean the condo is mine. They’re not taking it off the market so someone could swoop in with a higher offer. And I’ve begun signing documents but they’re not binding, so I [...]

Condo Shopping!

I’m going out with Amy’s friend/realtor, Amy, and various yet-to-be-determined members of my family to look at condominiums today. I just got off the phone with the mortgage company, which prequalified me to buy a $150,000 home. Now I just asked for as much as I could get, but I have no intention of spending [...]


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