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“I got it.”

I am a homeowner!

Last hours as a non-homeowner

In 1.5 hours I’ll be a homeowner! It’s crazy! Still nervous that something could go wrong. Someone could’ve stolen money out of my bank account, leaving me unable to get a check. Or maybe the sellers will walk out, or maybe I’ll die.

Crazy Wacky Week

It’s been almost two weeks since I last updated. The first of those two weeks I was just lazy, but this past week has been crazy. Tried doing some packing this past weekend, I have 2 exams this week, and settlement is Friday. FRIDAY! I’ll barely have time to take my exam tomorrow because at [...]

First Villanovan Exam

I’m the first one to finish the first Operating Systems exam of the semester. It was actually EASIER than the practice questions our professor gave us. Or so it seemed. I’m hoping I didn’t make some fatal, really stupid error. It’s been over 10 minutes and nobody else has handed their test in, so that [...]


I have to wake up in just a few hours to go to work, but my homework still isn’t done. I’m terrible. Reminds me of my college days! And as it was when I was in college, I just need to remind myself that it always works out. Even if I screw up this assignment, [...]

Save the Hubble is collecting “signatures” (electronic ones, that is) of those who oppose NASA’s (actually, NASA administrator Sean O’Keefe’s) decision to cancel the repair/upgrade mission to the Hubble Telescope, essentially cutting its life short. As you can see in this article, a couple NASA engineers believe the mission can be done as safely as International Space [...]


I’m getting so bad about updating. Saturday was the first day of the Philly Auto Show and Amy and I went. I like seeing concept cars and there were only a few, but it was still cool. The Cadillac Sixteen was there and I got to see the hard tops of the Lexus SC430 and [...]


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