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Stuck outside

I’m posting this from Amy’s porch. Ringing the doorbell and calling her are not working. Hopefully she’s just in the shower or something and not in any kind of trouble. Anyway, I’m entertaining myself OK. Thank God for wireless networks.


I’ve been wanting an iPod for many months now, but lately I’m pretty much obsessed. I missed an opportunity to get a silver iPod mini for only $200 (it was used, but even used ones can fetch $300+ on eBay because they’re backordered right now) because someone else beat me to the punch, but that’s [...]


group hug // anonymous online confessions You’ve gotta check that site out. I wish I had thought of it myself. As you can see from the haiku and DucLink stuff I’m really into anonymous submissions. It can get addictive seeing what people confess to. As one Nintendork said, “The internet is already the best way [...]


So Brian moved in on Saturday. Getting all that stuff up 3 flights of stairs wasn’t that fun, but it actually wasn’t that bad either. So now I’ve got a roommate. Weird, but good.

God damn energy…

My fucking energy (gas & electricity) bill is $91.79 for March! I barely spent time in my condo! And when I WAS there I had the thermostat set to 65 most of the time. Electricity’s not too bad, but the gas portion is almost $75. This is madness.

R.I.P. Kurt

Today is the 10th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death. I think I’ll take some time to listen to my favorite CD ever: Nirvana Unplugged. Here’s a little editorial written by MTV’s Kurt Loder: Click here There’s also a new book coming out with claims that Kurt was murdered. Even the private investigator Courtney Love hired [...]


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