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iPod mini

My new iPod mini is quite possibly the greatest consumer electronics item I have ever seen. So well designed and so functional. It’s great. Listening to music is so much easier than it used to be. No more CD player and switching CDs.

Once again, here’s something I posted on a message board, recycled to save me effort:

I love it! I’ve played with it several times at the Apple store, but the case still amazes me with its sexiness. The click and touch wheel is the best portable music player interface ever, and that is absolutely no exagerration.

Firewire’s pretty fast. 1 GB transferred in 12 minutes. I assume USB 2.0 speeds are similar, and unlike the BigPod, the mini comes w/ the USB cable.

4GB is plenty of room for the music I want to carry around. The compactness is totally worth it for me. So easy to use. It’s great. If shit happens with the crackliness, that would suck, but so long as Apple covers it I won’t mind too much.

You can of course use it as a portable hard drive, but I haven’t tried it with a computer without iTunes installed, so I’m not sure if you can just plug it into a USB/Firewire port and it’ll automatically work as a drive. I’d assume you can.

No customizable equalizer settings, though. Presets only. For all the fuss Apple makes over the neodymium driver ear buds, they’re not very good. I guess they’re OK for earbuds, but just OK. I’ll have to get real, ear-covering headphones.

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