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Do Good

My good friend Melissa wrote some articles on how you can help save the world. We’ll start out with step 1 of her series on activism and charity: Activism Step 1: Activism Begins With You Charity Step 1: It’s Not Your Money Anyway… Soon I’d like to open a section where I have a variety [...]

I hope that on Thursday they’ll accidentally nominate me instead of John Kerry. I’d grudgingly accept the task. Anyway, watch the speeches here: Gore’s (1), Carter’s (3), Clinton’s (5), and Clinton’s (9) entire speeches are available (along with smaller clips) under the “Free Video” section at the top right. Transcripts: Al Gore Bill Clinton [...]

I hate Warner Bros.

You’d think that after the massive success of the Marvel comic book movies that Warner Bros. (owner of DC Comics) would have learned something: respect the material by treating it in a serious way and viewers will respond. People have been reading these comics for decades because they’re great stories with great characters. They’re flawed [...]

The Fourth

I had a nice Fourth of July. Amy and I saw the fireworks show at Penn’s Landing last Friday. Then on Saturday we went to a party at her friend’s house, where they also launched fireworks. Now my experience with backyard fireworks has been heretofore very unimpressive (limited to Roman candles and the like), but [...]


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