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National Constitution Center

Amy and I checked out the National Constitution Center in Philly yesterday. We were supposed to see the U.S. Mint, since I’m a big fan of money, but it was not to be. You have to arrange tours ahead of time. I later found this (at the U.S. Mint website) to mean you need a [...]

Lately I’ve been consuming media like water (in my case, Mountain Dew might be more accurate, though I’m starting a plan to cut down). I just can’t stop reading, watching and listening to stuff. This applies to all kinds of things. Here’s a sample of what I’ve absorbed in the past month: TV: Family Guy, [...]

What is the quintessential nerdfest? That’s right. A Star Trek convention. I have no shame in admitting that I’ve always been a huge Star Trek fan. I’m not as into it as I was when I was younger, but I’ve been renting the Deep Space 9 DVDs from Netflix lately and I’m falling back in [...]

I Am a Gay American

I like to write down some events so I don’t forget about them. On August 12, 2004 at around 4 PM, I took a break from working to check for some news. In a red bar at the top, reserved for stories that are breaking and that no full length story has been written [...]

Sean McCormack answers my question

I forgot to post this earlier. The White House web site has a section called “Ask the White House” where featured guests answer questions from the public. Sean McCormack, Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Press Secretary for Foreign Affairs, answered a simple question I submitted. I got a simple response. Third one [...]

The Village

I finally saw The Village last night. It’s the first movie I’ve ever gone to see alone. This may sound sad, but it was actually pretty convenient. I was 20 minutes late, but they were still showing previews. The theatre was pretty packed for a Sunday night, but since all I needed was one seat [...]

Stuff I Did

Man am I awful at updating. This past Saturday (August 7) Amy and I hit Phildadelphia to see some historical sites. This was cool because I’m a big fan of museums and seeing historically significant landmarks. Sites visited include the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the original Congress building, the first Supreme Court building, the First [...]

1971 Kerry Testimony

I’ll have to insist that once in a while you pop over to Ben’s LiveJournal as he frequently posts links to interesting stuff. Not to mention his exploits in the city can be humorous, like the time that preaching guy pointed to him as an example of the white devil. What’s interesting this time is [...]

Besides having one of the greatest film titles ever, it finally puts Asians in starring roles. No longer will we be shackled to the stereotypes that surround us. Science. Ha! Math. Ha! Hard working. Double ha!


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