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Two weekends ago, I visited my parents in Galloway and my sister informed me that Starbucks had moved into the other half of the building that Lindy Hopps (ice cream place) was in. It seemed very fitting. Parents who aren’t interested in ice cream can get something tasty for themselves while their kids chow down on Mario popsicles and such. Or, eat ice cream while drinking coffee. For some reason I find this to be a good combination.

Anyway, I was looking up the caffeine content of a variety of beverages (those Starbucks DoubleShot espresso drinks have 120 mg. A can of Mountain Dew has around 55 mg). I found this crazy site run by a guy who has visited nearly every single Starbucks in America, 144 in the UK, and 53 in Japan!

And even though I had only heard of the new Starbucks in Galloway last week, this guy had already visited it and taken a picture! He’s visited all the Starbucks that I’ve been to in New Jersey. It’s insane. Some people have the wackiest hobbies. But hey, he gets to travel a lot.

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