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God damn it do I hate China… Every time I hear the term “one-China policy” I want drop a nuke on China. It’s kind of weird to see Taiwan welcome Clinton so eagerly when he made some very supportive statements of the “one-China policy” during his presidency. There is an understanding (possibly even an obligation, but I’m not sure and I’m [...]


I don’t listen to FM radio much ever since I got Sirius satellite radio for Christmas, but NPR is better on FM (I believe the terrestrial stations have a deal with NPR to keep Morning Edition and All Things Considered off Sirius) and I still like to check in on some stations once in a [...]


Comments are back! Finally! They still don’t look right, but I’m working on it.

Gender Genie

We tried a neat little tool in my Natural Language Processing class: Gender Genie Basically the algorithm identifies words that are used more often by males than females and vice versa. It’ll give the passage you put into it a male and female score. Bigger score wins. I pasted all the entries on this site’s [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s day. Or Anti-Valentine’s Day as the case may be. I love you Amy!

I Hate China

It would take a lot of space to list all the reasons why China is a bastion of evil, so I’ll just post news stories once in a while. In this installment, we see the lies the Chinese government gives as excuses to justify censorship:

The Cool Kids Call it a “Blog”

I’d like to congratulate Jeremy on the launch of his new blog. Soon he will learn that finding time to update isn’t as easy as he thinks! Chastise me, will you? Let’s see how much blogging you get done during super-happy-matrimonial-wackiness time (also known has a “wedding” among some circles)! As he and I tend [...]

I was on the Dave Ramsey Show!

Well, my email was anyway. You’re probably not familiar with Dave Ramsey since he’s best known in the South, but he’s this radio guy who helps people with their finances. He’s like the Suze Orman of Jesusland. He quotes a line of scripture every day, makes other religious references, and seems to push the Bush [...]


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