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I don’t give Philly enough props. It’s only 15 or 20 minutes away, but I never really think of it when I try to come up with things to do or places to eat. This weekend Amy and I visited the Salvador Dali exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I’m no art person. I [...]

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Check out my latest thoughts on the deal between Democrats and Republicans regarding the fate of the filibuster: Or read my previous article on getting rid of the Homeland Security Advisory System: And of course, check out other fine articles, such as: Luke’s article on the Newsweek Koran toilet story Melissa’s article on [...]

Fuck the haters. This movie was awesome. So awesome I saw it twice. In the same day. Some coworkers and I decided to see a 1:20 PM show and catch some food afterwards since there’s a TGI Friday’s in the same parking lot. One of my former coworkers (Jeremy) couldn’t make it to our afternoon [...]


I’m a quarter century old! This sucks! You know what would be a great gift for my birthday? Linking to The New Wisdom. You needn’t even add it to your list of links, as I know that’s prime real estate. Just a blog entry will do. It’ll help! Also, comment on our posts. Sign up [...]


I must have been too lazy to type an entry out… Audioblog MP3 File

First Post

My first post is up at New Wisdom. It’s just an introductory message. Our first real, non-introductory article is up today as well. We’re getting there! Please join us on the forums and comment on our posts.

She’s Back!

We had a nice surprise when we came home from dinner and saw Boo on the steps. 48 hours after escaping, she somehow found her way back to the house and knew exactly which door to wait in front of. She was in surprisingly good condition, pretty clean for being in the wild for 2 [...]

:( :( :( :( :(

Amy’s cat Boo is missing. Repeated searches have yielded no leads. This is truly terrible.


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