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Fuck the haters. This movie was awesome. So awesome I saw it twice. In the same day.

Some coworkers and I decided to see a 1:20 PM show and catch some food afterwards since there’s a TGI Friday’s in the same parking lot. One of my former coworkers (Jeremy) couldn’t make it to our afternoon viewing, but he was seeing it at 6:10. Again, since the theatre and the restaurant are in the same parking lot, I asked him to come get a drink with us once he was out of work. After a drink, Jeremy somehow convinced me to see the movie again (he almost convinced Bartley, but he let so-called parental responsibility get in the way)! I was semi-drunk, so I couldn’t drive anyway. What a better way to get sober than watching Star Wars?

It was just as awesome the second time as the first.

Everything’s just better. The dialogue can still suck, but it’s Star Wars. I personally think the dialogue’s better than the Episodes I and II. The story is very cool and very dark. Very little cheesiness. Very, very awesome fight scenes. Anakin vs. Obi Wan does not disappoint. Yoda does not disappoint. Mace Windu does not disappoint. It’s all quite depressing, though. But of course, it’s supposed to be. I felt like there weren’t a lot of slow parts. Everything had a purpose.

Man this movie was great. I’m sure there will be those that disagree, but I think III belongs right in there with IV, V, and VI. It might even be my favorite. I’ll let you know after I watch all 6 movies again.

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