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Batman Begins

I know I have a lot of blogging to do for the London trip, but when you go on vacation, you always come back to a LOT of things to do. I’ll get to it. But for now, let me discuss the awesomest movie I’ve seen in a long time. I’m so happy Batman Begins [...]

In Your Honor

I’m not a fan of Best of You, the single from the Foo Fighters’ latest album that’s getting radio play, but the album as a whole is pretty damn good. I think I like the acoustic or “cold” disc (disc 2) better than the “hot” disc (disc 1). Norah Jones lends her voice on Virginia [...]

London: Random Thoughts

I’ve been unable to blog, but rest assured updates on the remainder of my trip will come. I definitely want to share. In general, though, I will say that London was awesome. Britons are very nice, the London Underground (subway system; called the Tube by most) is amazingly easy to use and quite clean, the [...]

London: Day 4

We took a day trip to Cambridge on Friday. They have a very interesting system. If I understood it properly, Cambridge University (and its counterpart Oxford) is comprised of all 33 colleges in the town. You apply to any one of the colleges to be admitted to the whole university, but once you’re in you [...]

London: Day 3

Today Amy’s friend, Amy, and I visited Westminster Abbey. Awesome cathedral. Besides being absolutely gorgeous, it’s also incredibly interesting. Like St. Paul’s Cathedral, they bury a lot of people in the floor. They also, however, have tombs above the floor, and even better, their occupants are far more famous. For example, I walked over the [...]

Alternate London updates source

I’m also posting some comments about the trip at New Wisdom: Major updates will still be made here, though.

London: Days 1 & 2

The flight wasn’t too bad. Virgin Atlantic gave us two meals during the flight, and they have LCD monitors for every seat. Their entertainment is on-demand with a damn fine selection of TV shows, movies, music, and more. I watched an episode of The Office (U.S. version) and most of Team America: World Police. Slept [...]


I’m going to London! I’ll be back Tuesday, June 21. If I die, it’s been nice knowing you. Flying is scary. I love you all!

Users helping innovation

Interesting (and quite brief) article on how “lead users” (the most sophisticated users) are driving a lot of innovation by finding cool ways to use existing applications. Google Maps is freakin’ awesome, but people use it to create other awesome applications. Very cool:

Animated DC Logo

Here’s the new DC logo as it will appear in front of DC Comics movies (like the so-far-well-reviewed Batman Begins). It’s a rather large animated gif, so let it load, and it’ll continually loop. Kind of rips off Marvel’s logo, but that’s not such a bad thing.


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