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Maybe I shouldn’t have gone to ‘Nova. Thing is, it’s close to work and I wanted to start right away (they didn’t require GREs; I had already taken the CS GRE, but I only got a 680 or something since I did NO studying at all!). With the exception of Computer Architecture and Natural Language Processing, I’ve learned practically nothing new. I don’t know if that’s a testament to Rutgers’ education or a negative statement on Villanova’s.

The professors let you get away with way too much. I’ve skipped entire homeworks and still pulled off B’s here. Exams are too damn easy (hence the B despite the homework). Projects are ludicrous. All we had to for last fall’s Computer Networks class was write a simple web server and a program to connect to an SMTP server and send email. Hardest Operating Systems assignment at Villanova? The ‘ol Unix shell project. At Rutgers (undergraduate mind you)? Implement virtual memory (like handling paging and stuff), thread handling functions, a file system, etc. Basically, given a shell of an OS, make it work. A graduate student I TA’ed with at RU had to rewrite Linux’s process scheduler (Linux is round-robin or something and he had to make it a lottery system). That was only ONE of a few projects that semester. Now that’s what I would expect a Master’s student to have to do.

I just think that Jeremy, Justin and I deserve better. We’re smart blokes. But we’ve already started, so there’s no sense in stopping now. Plus do I really have the time to be rewriting OSes? I don’t even have time to blog.

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