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Sucks that I can’t bring my phone to work now but at least I can post this. The walk along the Vegas strip almost killed us. Dear god is it hot here.

Palmyra Cove Park

We went to Palmyra Cove Park today. Not terribly impressive but we enjoyed ourselves regardless. There is a fairly decent educational center on the premises. The river trail is not so great as there’s trash along the shore and the other side is filled with industrial facilities. Still fun today.

Blogging by phone rocks

This is my first blog entry posted by phone thanks to the magic of Flickr. I love that site and have chosen it to be my online photo repository. For $25 a year you get unlimited storage and cool features like blogging from phone. Good times. Expect more of this in the future.


So we got back from Montreal on Tuesday. In stark contrast to my last trip there, getting through the border was a piece of cake. Last time they had me talk to an immigration officer, then ransacked my car searching for stuff. They even took my subwoofer out and carried it into a building (presumably [...]

The New Wisdom RSS Feed

Did you know you can add RSS feeds to your Google personalized homepage now? Add this feed to your Google page (or any RSS reader) to keep updated on new posts! Please?

Pre-Nolan Batman

So why exactly are Tim Burton’s Batman movies considered good? I recently finished watching Batman and Batman Returns, and while they’re certainly a step above Joel Schumacher’s travesties, they’re still a bit campy. Especially the penguins with rockets on their back. The Prince music in the first one is especially unnecessary. There are a couple [...]


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