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Pre-Nolan Batman

So why exactly are Tim Burton’s Batman movies considered good? I recently finished watching Batman and Batman Returns, and while they’re certainly a step above Joel Schumacher’s travesties, they’re still a bit campy. Especially the penguins with rockets on their back. The Prince music in the first one is especially unnecessary.

There are a couple reasons why I might feel this way. One is that Batman Begins was just fucking awesome and so incredibly well done. Today’s standard in comic book movies is to take the source material seriously and go for realism. Batman Begins certainly goes to great lengths to make things believable. The other possibility is that I’ve only been reading comic books for about a year now. The Batman I know is perpetually angry and dark. He’s just a lot more serious than the Burton and Schumacher Batmen.

While I’m on the subject of comic books, this whole Infinite Crisis stuff is seriously depressing me. There are some nasty rumors about the stuff that’s going to go down post-Crisis. I just don’t like it. Batman has already quit the Justice League and Superman thinks Diana (Wonder Woman) is a murderer… It’s already bad and it’s only going to get worse.

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