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Goodbye CSC, Hello L-3

I’m pretty sure every acquaintance of mine knows I’ll be leaving CSC soon for L-3 Communications. I start Monday! It’s been an interesting past several months, with a significant number of departures and now talk of a takeover (discussed below). Lately there has been all kinds of griping and dissatisfaction (the perception that “SPY sucks” [...]

All alone

I’m seeing Serenity all by myself! Not a single person in the theatre. Loser you say? Screw you!

My first experience with the Carnival of the New Jersey Bloggers was when Sluggo Needs a Nap hosted with a link to The New Wisdom. A neat experience, I thought. Why not host myself? The Opinion Mill offers up a way of segmenting post-war Iraq. Little Steven Van Zant and the Catholic Church are two [...]

Yay, a Linux meeting!

I have no time to do anything anymore, so I’m happy to be at a Linux meeting since a.) it’s not work or school and b.) I can learn something while doing other stuff on my laptop simultaneously. It’s not all happiness, though. I’m off to work right after the meeting! I can’t say I’ve [...]


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