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Thank You All!

Man, I can’t say it enough. I love my family and friends. I’ve been in the company of people who care about me all weekend, and it feels damn good. I didn’t get a lot of homework done, but whatever. I doubt that when I’m on my deathbed I’ll be lamenting about how I didn’t [...]

Soy power

Why this whole bowl of soybeans? I have no protein shakes and I need protein to recover from working out. I’m too fucking skinny (but not obese like most of America at least).


Nerd Time

Mario Kart DS kicks ass (features online play if you didn’t know). I suck at it, though. I’ve lost the vast majority of matches. Harry Potter tonight. Haven’t read the book, but then again, I haven’t read any since the first!


I can’t believe the amount of pain I’m in. I was so happy with her. A lot of it’s my fault of course, and that makes it so much worse. I could’ve made her very happy I think, had I just done more. Too complacent, too comfortable. I’ll never make these mistakes again. Ever. Just [...]

Blogger Sucks

I need to switch over to WordPress ASAP. Blogger always has difficulty uploading to my server, even though if I try to log in through FTP I have no problem at all. Something on the Blogger side is screwy, and I’m tired of using them. Just need more time is all.


So I guess I’m on the market. My pain is outweighed only by my desire to overcome it. I’d do some blogging on it, as I’m sure it would make me feel better, but it doesn’t seem right. I’ll keep it to myself this time.


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