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So I’m finally replacing the 4 GB iPod mini I bought in June 2004. My new music player will be the 80 GB iPod that Apple announced yesterday. Many people are calling them Gen 5.5, as there are only minor upgrades like gapless playback, a search feature, and longer battery life. Minor, but still great upgrades.

I remember when I had a hard time choosing between a 4 GB iPod mini (this was the first generation of minis, so there was only a 4 GB version) and a 15 GB bigPod. At least I had the strength to wait 2 months before actually buying.

This time I’ve been ready for an upgrade for half a year now. But I kept wanting to wait to see if they’d announce the long-rumored widescreen, all-screen, touch-screen iPod. Turns out they didn’t, but they still may in the next 6 months, so I know I’m taking a gamble. However, I’ve also read they’re having substantial problems with an all-screen iPod, so it might be a while before we see one.

Can’t wait for it come!

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