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What I’m Watching

NBC has my heart this season. The best show on television (IMHO) is Battlestar Galactica on the Sci-Fi Channel (owned by NBC). Think it’s too nerdy for you? Yes, it takes place in space and yes, there is battling with cybernetic organisms, but when you find yourself cheering on an insurgency consisting of human suicide [...]

Wii pre-orders start Friday!

Gamestop (who also owns EB Games) will begin taking pre-orders for Nintendo’s Wii console this Friday, October 13. Unlike Sony, Nintendo will have over 1 million consoles available at launch, and millions more by the end of the year. No eBay selling here. You’re probably asking, “If there’s going to be so much supply, why [...]

Are you a capitalist, or aren’t you?

If you don’t believe in capitalism, fine. That’s a legitimate position and I have no problem with it. But if you, like most people I know, enjoy free market economies, why make meaningless exceptions because you have some emotional connection with an industry? Resales of Sony’s Playstation 3 are the focus of my wrath here. [...]


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