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NBC has my heart this season.

The best show on television (IMHO) is Battlestar Galactica on the Sci-Fi Channel (owned by NBC). Think it’s too nerdy for you? Yes, it takes place in space and yes, there is battling with cybernetic organisms, but when you find yourself cheering on an insurgency consisting of human suicide bombers, you’ll see that the themes of the show are quite relevant to us. Or, what about this, liberals: If the human race was on the verge of extinction, would you ban abortion? Add in deep character exploration and development, and you’ve got a hell of a show.

Then there’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Aaron Sorkin’s latest show. I never saw Sports Night, but I did watch a lot of The West Wing, and the new show is instantly recognizable. Great writing, those long “walk-and-talks”, clever tie-ins at the end of episodes. I don’t know how he makes a show about a late night sketch comedy show so interesting, but he does a damn fine job. Also, I always liked Chandler, but Matthew Perry really displays his acting skills in this show, and I like the character a lot better.  Ever since his cameos on The West Wing I knew he could do serious acting. Good stuff. It’s a shame ratings have been below expectations. You can catch this show on if you miss the broadcast.

Next up is Heroes, which is really starting to take off after a slow start. Yeah, it’s basically X-Men Begins, but I like seeing a group of superheroes come up from their regular lives. The show keeps you wondering about how they all tie together, how they’ll eventually meet, what the villain has in store for them, and even what the superpower of one of the heroes is. The Japanese guy Hiro is the best thing about the show, and made a kickass appearance at the end of this week’s episode. Again, NBC has these episodes for viewing online.

Last from NBC is The Office, which is still hilarious. Not much to say here. It’s funny, especially if you work in an office.

ABC of course has Lost, which is probably the second best show on television. I say second since the amount of cockteasing is enormous (each episode barely progresses the plot) and the character backgrounds (which used to be awesome) are getting annoying. Still, the show is more intriguing than any other, and makes you desperate to know what the hell The Others are about, and what will happen next.

There’s also CBS’s Survivor: Cook Islands (season 13), which originally had the cast split by race (white, black, Asian, Hispanic). They merged on the third episode which was a major bummer (way too early), but at least you now have the most diverse cast of characters on any TV show I’ve ever seen. Naturally, the scheming and clashing personalities that makes the Survivor series great is still there. I haven’t watched in years, but the race thing got me back in. Cao Boi (the Vietnamese guy) is my favorite, although I can see how he can get annoying.

I’ve been recording Smallville since midway through the last season, and still haven’t watched them. I love Superman and all, but Lana has gotten astonishingly annoying and things seem to progress too slowly on the show. When I have time I will be catching up, though.

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