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12 hours of movies

Today I went to an event at the local AMC theater that showed all 5 Academy Award Best Picture nominees. I’m not sure why these were the Academy’s top 5, but it’s always a mystery. I judged them on their entertainment value to me, and not necessarily their worthiness for being nominated.

Michael Clayton – Some people thought this was boring, but I really enjoyed it. Sure it’s predictable and other corporate-takedown movies are like it, but it’s still well done.
There Will Be Blood – Daniel Day Lewis is freakin’ incredible in this. He needs to win Best Actor. Some people find it too long to hold their interest the entire time, but I personally was riveted. Paul Dano was great too, in that he really made want to punch him in the face.
Atonement – I was pretty disappointed given all the hype. I found it rather boring, and the timeline jumps were more annoying than they were clever IMO.
Juno – It’s a great, clever, charming movie. This was easily the most entertaining. The dialogue is witty, but not hard to follow, so you don’t have to pay the kind of close attention you do to all these other movies.
No Country For Old Men – Also really gripping and well done. A lot of people hate the ending. I’m fine with it, and I certainly don’t consider it open-ended. Enjoy the ride and don’t worry about the ending.

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