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In a nutshell, I liked it, but it’s not quite the same as the others. At first I felt like they were trying too hard to capture the essence of the first 3 movies, but eventually I got into it and was able to enjoy it.

Harrison Ford is completely fine in the movie. Yes, he’s old, but he still kicks ass and I had no problem with his performance. His voice and delivery are different, and I guess that’s a little distracting at first, but soon enough he became an old Indy to me.

Shia LaBoeuf did his job fine. The return of Marion Ravenwood worked well too. The important thing is that neither of them got in Harrison Ford’s way.

The backstory is a little crazy, and it doesn’t resonate as well with Western audiences as a Biblical story does, but you know what, it works. Like I said above, I eventually got into the plot.

My biggest beef with the movie is that the action sequences are way too far over the top. I know this is the nature of action films, but Indiana Jones action scenes always had some air of believability in them. In Crystal Skull, though, there’s too much that the characters survive that’s impossible, and one scene involving monkeys that was particularly cringe-worthy.

It might be my least favorite Indiana Jones movie. I’m still glad I saw it, though. You kind of have to. It’s Indiana Jones.

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