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DNC vs. RNC Stages: Fight!

I realize this hardly matters in the grand scheme of things, but I’m impressed with how cool the DNC stage is. I’ve read there’s 8000 square feet of projection space. As seen in the picture below, there are these “ribbons” of projection screen that reach out toward the audience. A 103” plasma TV is one of 200 HD displays Panasonic is providing. Basically, most of the surfaces you see on stage are video screens, and it’s a cool effect.

DNC Stage

The RNC stage design’s emphasis on red on the other hand looks like something out of the movie version of V for Vendetta: some kind of fascist gathering. Maybe I’m being too harsh, but still, at best it’s still boring.

RNC Stage

Again, I’m not trying to suggest that a flashier set is going to win Barack Obama the election. It does fit into the idea that the Obama camp has a much better grasp on technology than the McCain team. This is partly thanks to guys like Chris Hughes, Facebook cofounder, who joined the Obama team.

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