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Just bought a MacBook Pro

Last year I got Amber a MacBook for Christmas. I had grown fond of Mac OS X and Apple hardware, and Amber needed a new laptop. In addition to finally giving her a reliable computer to use, I had an opportunity to make sure that I could personally make the switch to Mac full time. It wasn’t long before I decided I could commit. Besides, it was easy enough with Bootcamp or Parallels/Fusion to run Windows on a MacBook.

Then it just became a matter of waiting for the impending update of the MacBook line, which came this past Tuesday, October 14. The MacBook and MacBook Pro are now made of a block of aluminum carved out into a sturdy frame. The result is the most rigid notebook computer I’ve ever held. The new trackpad is pretty awesome too, but it’s really just a bonus. I decided on the Pro basically because I wanted the bigger, higher-resolution screen. The discrete graphics card is just a bonus, and it’ll allow me to play Starcraft II when it comes out 5,000 years.

I love the new trackpad. The glass surface is smooth, but not too smooth. The larger area makes it so much easier to move the cursor around. I like that the entire pad clicks. It can distinguish between a click on the bottom left versus the bottom right, so you can set up the driver to register right clicks the way a Windows laptop would. I always enable the “tap to click” feature on any trackpad, though, so I rarely actually do a firm click. Sometimes it’s nice, though.

I’ve read that the MacBook screen is considerably lower quality than the MacBook Pro screen in that the viewing angle is much narrower. I never would have noticed if I hadn’t read it online, but now that I can compare Amber’s MacBook to my MBP, it’s pretty obvious (you can see the difference between the MB and MBP screens, along with comparisons between the old MacBook Pro and the new unibody one, right here). The LED backlighting of the new MBP is pretty sweet too. The image is insanely bright and uniform.

Anyway, I’m happy. I’ve come to love Mac OS X as I learned it on Amber’s MacBook. One year later, her laptop still comes out of sleep without delay. There’s no slowdown that comes with the expansion of a Windows registry. My 3 year old Toshiba M45-S265 has become intolerably slow. I shouldn’t have those problems with my new laptop.

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