Thursday, September 23, 2004
Kerry Rally
As non-passionate as I am about John Kerry, I'll be going to a rally for him tomorrow at the University of Pennsylvania's Hill Field (34th and Walnut). He'll be speaking at noon apparently, but the gates open at 10:30 AM. Tomorrow's weather should be partly sunny with a high of 80. The only person that I could get to come with me was a guy who posts at Plinkomedia.

But if YOU (whoever is reading this) want to come, just go here to get tickets:

I was going to take a day off of work this week to work on my programming assignment anyway. If he becomes president, I can say I've seen the president.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Two weekends ago, I visited my parents in Galloway and my sister informed me that Starbucks had moved into the other half of the building that Lindy Hopps (ice cream place) was in. It seemed very fitting. Parents who aren't interested in ice cream can get something tasty for themselves while their kids chow down on Mario popsicles and such. Or, eat ice cream while drinking coffee. For some reason I find this to be a good combination.

Anyway, I was looking up the caffeine content of a variety of beverages (those Starbucks DoubleShot espresso drinks have 120 mg. A can of Mountain Dew has around 55 mg). I found this crazy site run by a guy who has visited nearly every single Starbucks in America, 144 in the UK, and 53 in Japan!

And even though I had only heard of the new Starbucks in Galloway last week, this guy had already visited it and taken a picture! He's visited all the Starbucks that I've been to in New Jersey. It's insane. Some people have the wackiest hobbies. But hey, he gets to travel a lot.

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Wednesday, September 01, 2004
Also, happy birthday to my coworker Chris Eleazar. Good luck with the house, yo!

Also, I love my job right now. GUI in Java using JNI to interface with C++! It's great! Computer science is the greatest thing ever.

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The GOP has better speakers and/or speech writers than the Democratic Party does, William Jefferson Clinton and Barack Obama aside. They're doing an excellent job of portraying themselves as moderates. I don't think the Democrats did a poor job, but the Republicans are definitely doing far better. It's astounding to me that a party with so many Hollywood stars is doing a worse job of marketing themselves than a staid conservative party.

I have a hastily (==poorly) written response to some of Governor Schwarzeneggar's speech, but I didn't want to just keep it to message boards. Actually I took notes (yes, I'm a loser) and fleshed out a rebuttal later. My professor let us out 15 minutes after class was supposed to end last night, so when the Terminator started talking I was still in my car driving home. In what NPR calls a "driveway moment" I sat in my Camry and listened to the remainder of the speech. I had my laptop with me, so I leached off somebody else's wireless internet (my wireless router was too far away) to jump online.

Government should be accountable to the people? Don't infringe on our civil liberties and don't go to war for spurious reasons!

They should serve individuals and not interest groups? Then stop making huge concessions to pharmaceuticals, car makers, power plants, etc. Don't give away multi-billion dollar contracts to companies formerly chaired and still partially owned by the VPOTUS without bidding. Don't let all this corporate money go to your head.

People can spend money better than government? They sure can! But you have to give it to those who actually spend the money and not hoard it! Also, don't propose making the tax system more regressive.

If you believe in education you're a Republican? If you believe in unfunded mandates for education, and punishment rather than improvement, then yes, maybe you ARE a Republican.

The U.N. sucks? You know, the United Nations has a lot of problems, but they're so useless in helping spread democracy that the Bush administration is practically begging them to help with Iraq!

"Relentless" on terrorism? So relentless that we put less than a tenth the number of troops in Afghanistan that we did in Iraq and let Osama bin Laden get away. Nice work!

"Economic girlie-men"? I thought this comment was funny, but to imply that Democrats are unreasonably pessimistic about the economy is ridiculous. Follow the stock market and you'll see that investors (many of whom are Republican, benefiting from cuts in capital gains and dividend taxes) are shakier about the economy than anyone else. The tiniest sign of weakness will result in a huge selloff. Who are the "girlie-men" now?

I did like Arnold's self-deprecating joke about it being a "cheap shot" when someone told him he was as good a governor as an actor. See, I really like Schwarzeneggar. Whether or not he's a good actor is for film people to argue over, but he's definitely an entertaining actor. True Lies, which he used to insult Democrats, was great! Just stay away from national politics.

To Laura Bush: Don't compare the Civil War and World War II to Iraq. Just don't. I think the reasons are obvious.

I'll leave rebuttal to day one to William Saletan:

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