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Hanoi: Day 2

I packed a banana with me so I had a snack during our tour. After eating it, a guy on the street noticed I was holding an unwanted banana peel and directed me to just toss it into the street gutter. I had seen other people do this before, but I was trying to stick [...]

Hanoi: Day 1

We got settled in our rooms by around 3pm and spent the rest of the day just walking around exploring. One thing to get used to are massive volumes of motorbikes in use and how traffic will stop for nobody. I’m not saying Philly or New York drivers are particularly pedestrian-friendly, but but there’s a [...]

Myth about mismatched RAM

It’s pretty well-known by now that you’re supposed to maintain symmetric pairs of RAM in your computer to take advantage of the double data rate. These benchmarks performed by OWC seem to indicate otherwise, however (at least for MacBooks). The advantages of having more RAM (and thus avoiding having to use the hard drive for [...]

I want to shoot a mini-documentary of sorts when I visit Vietnam next month. I’ll have my parents talk about their experiences and whatnot and it can be something future Nguyen family generations can watch. I’ll be shooting with a Canon HF100 that I’m getting for Christmas. Editing HD video takes a lot of hard [...]

The Best Run Campaign Ever

OK, I don’t know if Obama’s presidential campaign was the best run ever, but it was pretty damn smooth. The New Yorker goes over how Obama won. One particularly interesting moment that stuck out to me as a sign of intelligent leadership: According to an aide, Obama said something to the effect of ‚ÄúThis is [...]


The Absegami High School Class of 1998 reunion was last night. I know these things are often just opportunities to judge the success of your former classmates, but I didn’t get that vibe. It was cool seeing everyone, and talking to people I didn’t interact with much in high school. I can’t say I was [...]


I don’t know why I’m up since I have to be awake at 5:00 AM so I can get ready and meet at a coworker’s house, from where we’ll go to Reading, PA to get out the vote. This election could be called 20 hours from now. Let’s do this.

Halloween Party #1

Went as Joe the Plumber to a vegan Halloween party Saturday. Last minute costume was conceived at Wal-mart with less than an hour before we had to leave. It’s lame, but it was easy: t-shirt with “JOE” printed across it, along with $2.97 plunger (of course I bought a new plunger you sickos). Fortunately, no [...]

Just bought a MacBook Pro

Last year I got Amber a MacBook for Christmas. I had grown fond of Mac OS X and Apple hardware, and Amber needed a new laptop. In addition to finally giving her a reliable computer to use, I had an opportunity to make sure that I could personally make the switch to Mac full time. [...]

Afraid of donating online

I’m holding a fundraiser at my house in a couple weeks and I must say I’m pretty irritated that out of 12 RSVPs only one of the attendees has donated online. The others have made a pledge and will be bringing their donation to the party. This is, by the way, a gaming party (my [...]


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