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The Incredibles

Amy and I just saw this! I love Pixar. Ever since Toy Story, they’ve never done me wrong. They haven’t this time either. The movie starts a little slow, but the later parts easily make up for it. And the slowness isn’t bad; it sets up the midlife/post-hero crisis very well. Pixar is so incredibly [...]

What is the quintessential nerdfest? That’s right. A Star Trek convention. I have no shame in admitting that I’ve always been a huge Star Trek fan. I’m not as into it as I was when I was younger, but I’ve been renting the Deep Space 9 DVDs from Netflix lately and I’m falling back in [...]

The Village

I finally saw The Village last night. It’s the first movie I’ve ever gone to see alone. This may sound sad, but it was actually pretty convenient. I was 20 minutes late, but they were still showing previews. The theatre was pretty packed for a Sunday night, but since all I needed was one seat [...]

I hate Warner Bros.

You’d think that after the massive success of the Marvel comic book movies that Warner Bros. (owner of DC Comics) would have learned something: respect the material by treating it in a serious way and viewers will respond. People have been reading these comics for decades because they’re great stories with great characters. They’re flawed [...]

Spider-Man 2

I’m so horrible at updating. It’s not like I don’t want to. Most days I do in fact think about what I should write, but it takes too much time and I don’t have much of that to spare. Plus, I’m not like a lot of people who have plenty of things to say, whether [...]

My 2-year wait is over…

Still suffering from the worst of my death paranoia, I walked out of Fellowship of the Ring worried about whether or not I’d live the two years it would take for Two Towers and Return of the King to come out. Well, it looks like I made it. I should note that I’m happy I [...]

Revolutions Revisited

Brian sent me an email about Revolutions on Friday. There’s some good insight in his mini-essay. Hidden text for your spoiler protection. …I came up for more reasons why it’s good. For one, if some fundamental thing turned out to be one big lie, that would be a typical sequel and THAT would be terrible. [...]

The Matrix: Revolutions

I’ll admit it. I walked out of Revolutions a little disappointed. I pretty much felt that way because 1.) I had read some crazy theories about what the third movie would be about and 2.) I didn’t understand some stuff. Fortunately I had an English major (Melissa) and a film minor (Brian) with me to [...]

Reloaded Weekend

I had watched The Matrix: Reloaded with my dad on Friday before I left, but Melissa and I watched it again when I came up. There’s plenty to analyze. A lot of people don’t like this movie, but for me it gets better with each viewing. Once you know about the 6 matrices and all [...]


Saw Underworld with Cat and Jon yesterday. I was surprised at how entertaining it was. Catherine wanted to see it because Scott Speedman was a co-star, but even she ended up liking the action and the surprisingly interesting storyline. The movie left itself wide open for a sequel. Today I visited Melissa briefly and went [...]


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