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“I do!”

That’s what Jeremy and Rita said yesterday (or Jerita Hendergould as they’re collectively known). Congratulations to them on their wedding. It was very fun. At the reception they entered the room to “The Imperial March” from Empire Strikes Back (he had been bragging about that for some time, but I actually forgot and was quite [...]

The Cool Kids Call it a “Blog”

I’d like to congratulate Jeremy on the launch of his new blog. Soon he will learn that finding time to update isn’t as easy as he thinks! Chastise me, will you? Let’s see how much blogging you get done during super-happy-matrimonial-wackiness time (also known has a “wedding” among some circles)! As he and I tend [...]


I’ve been wanting Mike to visit my condo ever since I moved in. Several weeks ago he told me he’d visit in early November. When that came around he contracted bronchitis and couldn’t make it. Yesterday (Tuesday) he tells me he can make it up here tomorrow (Wednesday). So Mike comes today (Wednesday, though I’m [...]

Mandatory Update!

I’ve been meaning to post about all kinds of stuff, and I just never got around to it. Sorry, Jeremy! Here are some quickies. I’ll post pictures and more substantial writing after tomorrow’s exam. Eleazar’s party on Sept. 24 was great. Read about it and see pictures at CCEBuzz. Amy left for San Francisco last [...]

Productive Weekend

Friday night I went to a club for the first time ever. Amy, her sister, Catherine, Justin, Chris H., Chris E. and a couple of his friends went. Polly Esther’s kinda sucks. Tiki Bob’s Cantina is cooler. I bought a couch and loveseat on Friday at Cort, a place that rents furniture and sells old [...]

Amy’s Party

Amy’s party was excellent. I believe a good time was had by all. It was cool because lots of people were there and there was dancing and stuff. And Justin was running and sliding across the dance floor (dining room). And Amy hit people in the face when she was dancing and knocked a beer [...]

Hardy Party Music Video

So far the response to my Hardy Party video has been pretty damn good around the office. I’m very proud of my work. Even though it may not be as funny to you (although it still should be rather amusing), let me know what you think: Large (640 x 480 : 5 MB) Small (320 [...]

RU Weekend

Went to Rutgers this weekend. My car has another 258 miles on it. Melissa, Matt, Jon and I went to dinner at Jonny Carino’s on Saturday, and then we went to Jon’s apartment and talked about random things for a few hours. Then Melissa and I watched Identity (John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Ray Liotta), which [...]


Anand emailed me last night. DucLink is working perfectly! Greg emailed me a couple months ago and so did this guy who knew Cuong. Now if only some hot girls would do the same… Anyway, if you’re reading this, Anand, I’ll write you back when I’m not screwed at work. Nice to hear from you!

Old Acquaintances

This is so amazing. Weird coincidence, I tell ya. I still have Karen, a girl in one of the CS416 sections I TAed, on my buddy list and I had noticed her profile said she was living in Maple Shade. I kept forgetting to mention to her that I work really near there, but seeing [...]


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