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Real Life Tumbler (Batmobile)

This guy is pure awesome. He made his own Batmobile. HIS OWN BATMOBILE! He’s working on a Batpod next.


Amber got me an iPhone for Christmas. It’s so awesome and I love her. I mean, I’d love her regardless, but the iPhone was a great surprise (I had asked for clothes). I used to browse the web on my old Motorola E815. Needless to say, having a full browser is a breath of fresh [...]

Level Up Entertainment

A friend of mine has opened a video game and comic book store in Egg Harbor Township. This will seem shocking when you compare their store to Gamestop, but get this: They know stuff about video games. They’ve also got a great setup, with beautiful HDTVs that are set up properly and large racks of [...]

I played the Wii!

I headed out towards a nearby EB Games during lunch, looking for a Wii-osk. Score! I handed over my drivers license as collateral, and got the Wii-mote. Its small, but shiny and well-designed. I originally had mixed thoughts about Excite Truck, but I can now say its pretty fun. The Wii-mote works great. You steer [...]

Mandatory Update!

I’ve been meaning to post about all kinds of stuff, and I just never got around to it. Sorry, Jeremy! Here are some quickies. I’ll post pictures and more substantial writing after tomorrow’s exam. Eleazar’s party on Sept. 24 was great. Read about it and see pictures at CCEBuzz. Amy left for San Francisco last [...]

What is the quintessential nerdfest? That’s right. A Star Trek convention. I have no shame in admitting that I’ve always been a huge Star Trek fan. I’m not as into it as I was when I was younger, but I’ve been renting the Deep Space 9 DVDs from Netflix lately and I’m falling back in [...]

I want the pre-order bonus

Nintendo finally replied to the email I sent them back in November demanding that they offer the same free Ocarina of Time disc with Zelda: Wind Waker preorders that Japan got. The reply (sent to the Eden account I rarely check these days) was dated April 9. What’s great is that the customer service rep [...]


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