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The Best Run Campaign Ever

OK, I don’t know if Obama’s presidential campaign was the best run ever, but it was pretty damn smooth. The New Yorker goes over how Obama won. One particularly interesting moment that stuck out to me as a sign of intelligent leadership: According to an aide, Obama said something to the effect of “This is [...]


I don’t know why I’m up since I have to be awake at 5:00 AM so I can get ready and meet at a coworker’s house, from where we’ll go to Reading, PA to get out the vote. This election could be called 20 hours from now. Let’s do this.

Afraid of donating online

I’m holding a fundraiser at my house in a couple weeks and I must say I’m pretty irritated that out of 12 RSVPs only one of the attendees has donated online. The others have made a pledge and will be bringing their donation to the party. This is, by the way, a gaming party (my [...]

DNC vs. RNC Stages: Fight!

I realize this hardly matters in the grand scheme of things, but I’m impressed with how cool the DNC stage is. I’ve read there’s 8000 square feet of projection space. As seen in the picture below, there are these “ribbons” of projection screen that reach out toward the audience. A 103” plasma TV is one [...]

Nintendorks for Obama

Latest from The New Wisdom

Check out my latest thoughts on the deal between Democrats and Republicans regarding the fate of the filibuster: Or read my previous article on getting rid of the Homeland Security Advisory System: And of course, check out other fine articles, such as: Luke’s article on the Newsweek Koran toilet story Melissa’s article on [...]

The New Wisdom Almost exactly a month after I first proposed the idea of a team-written political blog, it’s finally happened: We’ve finally launched. I hope you’ll be a part of it not just by reading, but by commenting on articles and participating in the forum. I won’t say much more about the blog here. I’ll let [...]

I thought about this the other day, and it turns out Bill Clinton already wanted to do this. Now I love him even more. Anyway… My concern with private accounts is in part the volatility, but mainly it’s the idea of doing away with the notion of a guaranteed benefit. There already exist excellent vehicles [...]

Liberal Media My Ass!

With this kind of complicity with the Bush Administration I don’t see how people can accuse large corporate media of being liberal! It is the kind of TV news coverage every president covets. “Thank you, Bush. Thank you, U.S.A.,” a jubilant Iraqi-American told a camera crew in Kansas City for a segment about reaction to [...]


The execution of those who were minors when committing capital crimes has been ruled unconstitutional. Finally, the United States takes one step towards the human rights standards of the rest of the developed world: [T]he United States had carried out 19 of the 39 executions of child offenders that Amnesty has recorded world wide [...]


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