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Moving Forward?

Is this really an improvement? It’s certainly an improvement for me. The posting interface is so much more advanced than Blogger’s. Hell, everything is more advanced. I can manage comment spam much more easily, WordPress plugins add functionality that make working easier, and swapping themes to change the look of the site is a breeze. [...]


I cleaned the haiku database of hundreds of spam haiku too. Feel free to get writing again.


The ease with which I upgraded The New Wisdom from WordPress 1.5 to 2.0.4 has convinced me to stop lollygagging and switch away from Blogger. Blogger’s been alright, and I hear there’s a Beta version with new features, but nothing really beats hosting your own database. I just have to prepare for an exponential increase [...]

Happy Anniversary!

Saturday was the 2 year anniversary of this blog. Yay! Today is the 2 year anniversary of my haiku database. Yay! Help me celebrate by writing some awesome new haiku (and rating more of the existing ones)! I’ve thought about what to do to celebrate. I’ve been wanting to redesign the site to get away [...]


Also, I wanted to say that DucLink will make a triumphant return at some point. I want to make sure I’m well insulated against claims of libel and such. I’m pretty sure I’m on firm legal ground here. Everything I’ve read says that what is posted has to be false, it has to be provable [...]

Random Haiku Improved

The random haiku picker is more random now! Click here to try it!

Random Haiku

You can view a random haiku by going to The results aren’t all that random right now, but I’ll continue to work on it. A link to the randomizer is on the haiku page too. Enjoy!

Audio & Video

The Audio & Video section is up. Only one selection is available at the moment, but it’s a good one. More to come!

Haiku Search

Haiku Search Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Searching haiku is ready. It’s not totally complete, but for the most part it’s finished. You can’t use quotation marks to search for exact phrases yet, but that’s coming soon.

It’s the 1 month anniversary of The Duc Pond’s Haiku Repository. In 31 days we’ve amassed 218 poems. That’s more than 7 a day! Thanks for your participation! It would be worthless without it. Please keep on submitting and voting. Things have been slowing down lately, probably because people have already forgotten about the site. [...]


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