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Daily Targum Letter

Check out this letter I wrote to Rutgers’ daily newspaper The Daily Targum, published November 5, 2001. I figured I should paste it here because I don’t know how long the link will be good. RU computer system is not up to speed I nearly laughed out loud when I read Michael Mundrane’s assessment of [...]

Gender Genie

We tried a neat little tool in my Natural Language Processing class: Gender Genie Basically the algorithm identifies words that are used more often by males than females and vice versa. It’ll give the passage you put into it a male and female score. Bigger score wins. I pasted all the entries on this site’s [...]

Review of Sirius Satellite Radio

As I note below, I got a subscription to Sirius. I’m pretty pleased so far, but I do have reservations. Here’s my mini-review: Sound Quality Let’s cut to the chase. The primary reason I was attracted to satellite radio was sound quality. In that department I’m somewhat disappointed. While it’s great that I never have [...]

iPod mini

My new iPod mini is quite possibly the greatest consumer electronics item I have ever seen. So well designed and so functional. It’s great. Listening to music is so much easier than it used to be. No more CD player and switching CDs. Once again, here’s something I posted on a message board, recycled to [...]

Laptop Linux

I’m installing Linux on my beloved laptop tonight. I’m excited. It should run insanely fast, which is good because XP often gets bogged down when I have a few programs running at the same time. Getting Slackware and Dropline to work are my top priorities tonight. My laptop will rock.

Don’t be a CS major

The scarcity of the American programmer is increasing with IBM’s move of 4,700 tech jobs to Asia. As is often the case, insult is added to injury: Often, the American workers being replaced are called upon to train their overseas replacements. The same will be expected of IBM employees whose jobs are being transferred, according [...]

Nerd Night

I’m pretty sure I could’ve died today on my way home. I was so amazingly tired. Definitely should have gotten some coffee before I left. Now it’s almost 2 AM and my tiredness is gone. Work really drags on you, let me tell ya. And a lot of people were missing from work, leaving few [...]

LG VX4400

New cell phone number! Contact me to get it! Do it! Do it now! I love my new phone. Seems well-built and easy to use. And with bitpim and this data cable I can tell Verizon and their “Get It Now” wallpapers and ringtones to go to hell. All I managed last night was to [...]

Got it

So I have my new laptop, a Compaq Presario 2135us. I’m using it to type this entry. Cheapness won the day as I chose a 1.8 Ghz Celeron over a real Pentium 4 or M. 256 MB of RAM, 30 GB hard drive, CDRW/DVD combo drive, all for $620 after rebates and rewards. I think [...]


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