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My cat is not dead

A little over a year ago, we picked up our cat Neo in West Philly. When we got him, he was stinky, weighed only 7 pounds, was very lethargic, and had a limp. These days the limp is miraculously gone, he’s a hefty 15 pounds (a fatty, but it’ll be useful when the leukemia starts [...]


The Absegami High School Class of 1998 reunion was last night. I know these things are often just opportunities to judge the success of your former classmates, but I didn’t get that vibe. It was cool seeing everyone, and talking to people I didn’t interact with much in high school. I can’t say I was [...]

Halloween Party #1

Went as Joe the Plumber to a vegan Halloween party Saturday. Last minute costume was conceived at Wal-mart with less than an hour before we had to leave. It’s lame, but it was easy: t-shirt with “JOE” printed across it, along with $2.97 plunger (of course I bought a new plunger you sickos). Fortunately, no [...]

Uh oh. What Apple product did Duc waste his money on now? Actually it’s a T-shirt from the grand opening of the Apple store at the Cherry Hill Mall. Unfortunately it’s an XL so it’ll be pretty useless to me unless I can it to shrink in the dryer. I got there about 10 minutes [...]


I know I’m late to the party, but today I decided it was time to join the commodities bandwagon and put 2.2% of my IRA assets into DBC, an ETF that has holdings in crude oil, corn, gold, aluminum and other futures. Back in 2005 I purchases shares of a mutual fund that held many [...]

Of Burlington County at least! Tomorrow I settle on a townhouse in Lumberton, and sell my Mount Laurel condo. Hopefully it’ll all go smoothly. I’ve been incredibly bad about blogging. Since my memory is like a sieve, I now have no reference of what I’ve done in the past year, beyond ticket stubs and some [...]

I’m Back

Barring a disaster, I should be finished with my master’s degree in computer science this month. My final paper is in, and now I await the grade. What this means is a return to things I’ve put off in the name of higher education: watching TV, playing video games, reading comic books and blogging. First [...]


I’m sure you’re jealous of the awesome Nintendo sticker I got off eBay. I had no place to put it except on my Linux box.

Duc Goes to Comic Con 2

Milla Jovovich, bitches! BTW, these pictures suck because I’m using a camera phone to post them from the convention. Photos from a real camera to come.

Duc Goes to Comic Con

Kevin Smith, bitches!


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